Leeds students safer as reported burglary rates fall


Every year students in Leeds begin the process of moving into a house either alone or with friends.

The areas of Headingley, Hyde Park, Burley and Meanwood, are all prime locations for these house-hunters.

Some may worry that with more students choosing Leeds’ universities, the crime rate, particularly for burglaries, would increase.

This however is not the case.

It seems that young tenants are getting better at protecting their homes and belongings.

With the amount that students spend on the latest technology, mobile phones, laptops and games consoles, they have a serious incentive to insure items and follow police advice.

The installation of burglar alarms, proper fencing and ensuring doors and windows are locked are all easy things that can be done to keep homes secure.

It is hoped that instances of burglary, and all other crimes, will continue to fall in these communities year upon year.

Guidelines on preventing burglaries can be found at  : http://www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/burglary/